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Best Setup to maximize yield for Vermont Laws

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  • Schmokin
    Hey Hemp Toast. Welcome.
    If your state has a limit on actual number of plants then obviously larger plants is the way forward for you.
    Only 2 in flower is the bottle neck (quite awkward actually), so a longer veg period will give you big plants
    If it were me I would set up a system something like this:

    8 plants with 8 week flowering periods 1 every 4 weeks
    This means a snapshot of your system when fully running would look something like this:
    Start 1 in veg
    1@4 weeks
    1@8 weeks
    1@12 weeks
    1@16 weeks
    Start 1 into flower
    1 @4 weeks flower
    1 ready to harvest
    This system gives you 16 weeks of veg. More than would normally be required but you will be able to train the plant out and get multiple growing heads and really boost the yield. Take cuttings for clones from the training cuts you make at around 8-12 weeks.

    Obviously this is just a rough idea, but this successional approach would allow you to keep the maximum amount of plants whilst adhering to the 2 flowering plant rule.

    Just an idea but hope it helps your thinking. Would be interested to know your thoughts and how this works out.

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  • HempToast
    started a topic Best Setup to maximize yield for Vermont Laws

    Best Setup to maximize yield for Vermont Laws

    What are folks suggestions to stay within the law yet maximize yield. We can have 8 plants... 2 of which can be actively flowering... clones in water are not considered plants. I am thinking larger plants with one month intervals.