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    Hey growers and architects out there, i'm in need of some help designing my grow room in a small amount of space.

    I have roughly about 3ft(L) 3ft(W) 4ft(H) area to build this grow op. I'm not expecting to grow tall plants, but I am trying to grow a nice yield with LST method. The reason i'm not using the whole crawlspace is that on the right side I'm building a server room, which I think will also make this grow op a little bit more discreet

    Below is a picture of the area I want to build this room. Ignore the brick and insulation as I'm currently working on putting up walls and a ceiling in there.

    My idea for the setup was to cut out a small section of the brick and install a outlet duct and attach a fan blower inside to allow air circulation. Then add a small fan in the right-hand corner to mimic the wind outside. Tho, I'm not really sure where else to go from here.

    I can post pics of the build as I go if anyone is interested.

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    Hi CMRiddles. Welcome to the forum.
    MY first grow on the forum was in a space very similar to yours. Under the workbench in my shed. I lit it with just some cfl lighting. You can see it here.
    I'd be very interested to see how your project turns out if you post some pictures. You can make a diary thread in the Grow Diaries section if you like. I look forward to hearing about it.


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      you could use this stuff (pic), save a bit of room with a Led light (pic) if your plants get to big you could always do a sea of green, no need to complicate things all I did was put a net in and when they got bigger than I wanted I bent them down to the net. good luck


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        made a little room in my basement 5ft by 4ft 7.6 tall with heavy plastic sheets about 20 bucks hung some old drop clothes around it throw in some lights and all the other shit that makes you feel good and start your grow keep in touch