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  • Electric warning

    Well Here we go. Mr Dumb dumb here nearly had a fire. why. trying to run to much through the on extension, two 600w lights and 2 small fans, over heat the ballast on one of my lights and it over heat and nearly melted. what a fool I am. so I hope you all read this and take heed, to my stupid mistake that nearly cost me my house and the lives of my family. lucky I had fitted a smoke alarm and the trip switch went.

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    Ooft! Glad everyone is OK. That has always been my biggest nightmare. It's kept me awake worrying more than once.
    Lesson learnt eh...
    All the best for the new year Coco.


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      yes we were lucky. all fixed now tho. bloody easy fix to lesson well learned, hope other read this and at least put a smoke detector near there room or tent.,..
      All the best to you to..