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  • which led light to buy

    i would like to ask you for help , because it would be my first time growing on led. i have space 19,4 ft2, so on calculation i need 775 w for this place. i would like to set 8 plants or more on scrog. which led lights are suited for this area /how many/ and how much watts? (low price range ) i would really appreciated for info

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    Just an fyi...i originally bought 2 - Viparspectra 600w leds for my 4'x4' tent. They performed really well in veg mode. Plants seemed to thrive...nice green color, tight node spacing etc.
    But not so good in flower mode. Very low yield, very fluffy buds.
    Since then I purchased a 600w hps. Definitely out performed the led hands down. Not to say I'm sure there are better lights out there and have been improvements in led technology. All I can say is do ur research and go with the advice of growing professionals.


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      Viparspectra 600w leds -also have the same

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    This is one area that creates alot of confusion with led's. It seems that power ratings or actual usage isn't an accurate way of measuring the amount of light energy that the plant can receive. I think that PPF and PPFD units will allow the grower to see how much growth energy each lamp can provide and then make an educated buying choice.


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      See California Light Works SolarStorm 1100 with complete control of lights.

      Check them out.