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Choosing grow tent fabric

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  • Choosing grow tent fabric

    First of all i would like to thank you guys for the huge amount of information in this forum, the warm welcome you give to new growers and the friendly way you answer their requests...

    I intend to grow some medical marijuana strains to extract cannabis oil for my autistic son 3,5 years old and of course there are no dispensaries (legal or not) around here from where i come from and it's fine i don't trust commercial cannabis oil anyway...
    Right now I'm choosing between two materials for a 2.4 meters square grow tent and they are the only ones available i have found so far:

    The first one is the thermal fiber insulation (blanket like) used for building and farm insulation which is fire resistant and anti absorbent but i don't know about its light reflectivity and the second is some kind of blue isolating foam with foil coat used for isolating the interior of the car from the engine heat.

    i will try to attach the pictures because i failed to post it to the topic several times..

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    Hi Malcolm. Welcome. I wish you all the best with your project and hope you provide some relief for your son.
    Although I have no direct experience of the materials in your photos, I would feel pretty confident saying that either would work well for your purposes.
    The fire resistance of the first one would probably swing me. It's good to be safe with all that electricity and heat in there. You might not know the exact reflectivity of it, but it is clearly reflective so any difference it makes to your grow is going to be minor.
    Have you already selected your strains? Is is high CBD that you are looking for? I was reading this the other day, which might be of interest to you.


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      Thank you Saturnalia for replying
      Actually that makes both of us going with the thermal fiber option for the same reason you've mentioned but i am really trying to get the best results by getting the closest options to the common growing tents which are not available here>
      Yes i have selected 4 strains to grow related to my non verbal son behaviors which are mild aggression, poor eye contact (no more than 3 seconds actually), humming, some flapping and 3 hour running per day (separated)
      I have asked many parents of autistic kids and there were no precise indicators of what to consume but they all agreed that to much CBD can make the child agitated and nervous so you have to be careful , start low and slow , sativa for day use / indica for night use and last but not least judge the results and try to reach for the best combination.
      (HOPEFULLY) i have selected durban poison for day use to increase the focusing and eye contact, cannatonic High CBD, Blue dream hybrid and GDP for night use and calming.
      the kind of seeds you refer to seems pretty good but sadly i never heard of as i use as my guide and they don't have a review for it...

      Thanks again for your advice,


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        Cool. Good luck with all that.
        When trying to mimic a grow tent, remember it's really just a floppy room. Enclose the space, reflect the light, stabilize the temperature. That's all you're trying to do here.
        Personally, if I were to build from scratch, I would build a wooden cabinet, insulate it with a good builder's insulation (we have kingspan here, the materials you first mentioned would be great) and paint it white. Couple of holes for fan ports and you're done.
        Nice strain selection. Leafly seems a good source. I would be very interested to know how this works out for you.


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          Thanks Saturnalia, i will keep that in mind and share the results of course.