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  • Help with setting up.

    Hi all, this is my first post on here and could really use a little help.
    Instead of opting for a complete setup ready to go I've been taking my time and buying quality grow gear bit by bit as I can afford.
    So far I have a Powerplant Aerowing reflector 6" spigots, a Lumii 600w digital dimmable ballast, biobizz lightmix and all mix, Hangers, aeropots, mh and HPS bulbs 600w. I know I need a fan for the inline hood and will probably choose to blow over the lamp rather than pull but I'm still unsure which side to fix the fan and how to fit the ducting as one side accommodates the lamp with all that cable, so I'm kinda stuck on what part goes to what end. The ideal tent size for what I already have is 120 x 120 x 180 plus, but I'll be growing outside in a brick outhouse which this time of year will be cold, so should I use a fan to bring air in with it being so cold or leave it passive? Also I'm struggling with the set up of the hood (in my head, I've not attempted for real yet). What type fan will I need to exhaust the hot air out and how do I set the fan up with the inline hood. So much conflicting info online. I'll add a filter separately later when the plants start to flower, for now I just wanna make a start. And finally the outhouse is just that bit small for 120 x 120 x 180 so would I get away with 80 x 80 x 160 and dim down the lamp to 250w while in veg and maybe 400w for flower to avoid heat issues?

    Sorry there are so many questions but your help would be very much appreciated 👍

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    HI Peachy. Welcome to the forum.
    First off, it is more efficient to pull air than to push it. It doesn't have to be that way, but will work better.
    You will need to see what the running temperature is before deciding whether to have passive intake or not. Is it very cold outside where you live?
    Just use a thermometer at canopy height and then gauge what you need to do. You may need to heat the shed, in which case I would not use the in-line bulb fan at all and take the heat from the bulb to help. The good thing is that weed can take temps a lot colder than a lot of people say. There have been some posts in the forum that say pretty much that. One member has had temps down to single figures C with no bad effects, although I'm not recommending it!
    Not sure about your hood without seeing it. But normally you would take an inline duct fan of the appropriate diameter and attach it to the hood with ducting;
    In from outdoors - over the bulb - through the carbon filter - through the extractor fan - and out.
    There are many ways to do it though, maybe that is what is confusing you, there is no cut and dried way that everybody does it. For you it will depend mostly on those temps. If you are worried it may help to make sure your dark period is in the daytime and the lights on at night, to make the best use of the ambient air temp.
    As for the smaller space, again it depends on your temps. Personally I would be running the lamp at full blast until the heat became a problem.
    Sorry this answer is not a straight forward fix. There are a few variables here, most of which depend on your actual and expected temps. I would suggest setting up the system and monitoring it with no plants in it for a few days and seeing what temps you get. Heating will be easy and cooling will just need some fan placement adjustment.
    You've got this.