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Quick Question About Led Grow Lights...pls Help!

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  • Quick Question About Led Grow Lights...pls Help!

    Hi all,

    So I bought the Mars Hydro 300 LED grow light.

    The question is related to the set up: Does the light have to be hanged (set up 2 pic) or can I place it on top of two timber battens ensuring that the line of light is not obstructed (set up 1)?

    The only concern I have is by placing it on top of two battens, do I risk overheating the lights?

    Look at the pics for more clarification:

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    It will work either way. Be aware that your light hanging height needs to change as the plant grows so you will need to use something like this. ​


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      battens will be fine, but as gbauto says, the distance between the light and the growing tips willneed to be adjustable. Maybe it will be easier to adjust the level of the plants by blocking up under the pots rather than moving the lights...?