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  • Know more about HPS grow light

    Piet says:
    August 11, 2016 at 12:12 pm
    For HPS there are just 4 companies producing the lamps (BLV/Ushio, Philips, GE and Osram), besides some Chines companies that also make an effort, but are only at 50% of the efficiency of the top brands. The two top brands for 1000W double ended HPS lamps are Philips and BLV/USHIO, where Philips does not sell in the US market. They are both at 2100 micromol/s output. micromol is the unit for light used by plants. 2100 micromol/s is more than 160.000 lumen.
    Philips has no fixture and just a small range of bulbs. BLV/Ushio has a larger range of light bulbs (including the best MH), but they do not yet have a fixture that they sell either. That is why Hortilux, Gavita and many others sell Philips and BLV/Ushio lamps, and structurally end up as the best fixtures in tests.


    I saw someone talking outside like that, I should make you clear.
    USHIO, GE and Osram HPS are also not real grow light.They just increase the lumen output to increase the full spectrum at the same time, it is not a right way, the PPF of USHIO just exceed 2100 a little, GE and Osram all below 2100, and the blue light rate of them all less than 30%. Philips increased the blue and red spectrum only, that's why their lumen output only 135000lm but PPF more than 2100, and more blue light rate.
    In China only one small company called lumenhort can make it, and exceeded 2200umol/s and 30% blue light rate, but too many others companies sell junk DE and most customers don't understand the difference between real and fake HPS grow light.
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    Nice post Dennis. Assuming your not sold by the current LED frenzy?