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New with growing indoors, question about LED lights

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  • New with growing indoors, question about LED lights

    Will regular LED light bulbs ( daylight 5,000K) work for the veg cycle? I was thinking of using 10 because they are 100 w but only use 15 watts power?

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    I'm assuming that the led's used in the bulbs are at best, about 50% efficient at converting power into usable light for the plant. I'd think that 150W should cover 3-4 sq/ft and that Kelvin temp should be fine for veg.


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      Agreed. The 100W figure is the incandescent equivalent. These should be fine to veg a couple of plants. You might want to beef it up a bit for flowering though.


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        I know that this is an old thread, but I'll post anyways, because I feel that this is relevant.

        That should be fine. This article from LED Grow Lights 101, also says that it would work fine.
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          You can buy grow led strip light in most grow shops for around £40 here in the uk. works out a lot cheaper than these bulbs I think, also as avid has put up, most of the big Led's have a veg and bloom switch that's what I use and it works fine. I have read not to go under 300w with led as your waisting your time but, I'm sure someone on here will know more about that than me.


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            I'd say one of the challenges when trying to decipher all of the 'wattage' claims some leds use when advertising the lights. I have a blurple led that claims to be a 1200W light but actually consumes about 320W. The lamps power rating is based on the maximum power rating of the combined total of diodes on the board-it's really misleading and creates massive confusion when trying to compare apples to apples. A simple rule of thumb with leds is the actual power consumed-most of the current tech diodes use approx 2/3 the power of a MH/HPS to produce the same amount of photons the plants can use for growth. I try to use at least 25W/sq ft of grow space-double that will grow some serious dank.