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HPS, MH and CFL question....

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  • HPS, MH and CFL question....

    Hi! I'm new to indoor grow and have been reading everything online only. I have a 3' x 3' grow tent and I was curious if i could use 1 400w MH light, 1 400w HPS light and 2 100w CFL lights from seed to harvest? Planning to go with 18-6 during germination to veg and 12-12 during flower. Any guidance and suggestions would help. Thanks

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    HI Joe. Do you mean to have the HID lights running at the same time, or one for veg and then change for flower? I think that one after the other would be ideal for that tent, with the CFLs as supplementary lighting. If you mean to run them at the same time - then that's ok but be careful of heat issues, that's a lot of light for a small tent.
    Glad to hear you've been reading up. All the information is out there. Looking forward to seeing how your first grow goes.


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      Gotta agree with Schmokin-just use the MH during veg, and then switch to the HPS and add the CFL if needed. You should be able to grow some great smoke with that setup.