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which led light(s) to buy

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  • which led light(s) to buy

    Hi guys. i would really appreciate if you could help me .It will be my first time under led lights. i look on aliexpress, alibaba, from viperspectra, mars....dont know what to choose. i will explain my future grow plan.
    My total grow space is 5ft x 3ft x 6ft. On left half side i would like to grow on scrog (2,5 x 1,5 x 6), soil technic (2-4 plants), on the right side i have made homemade hydroponic DWC like from nebula haze on youtube 600w (2-4plants). i am for sure i would need 2 lights but not sure what wattage and how much problem will have with height. i have strain blue kush, will started veg with my clones.

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    its all about budget, personally i wouldnt buy anything but AMERICAN MADE LED....CALIFORNIA LIGHT WORKS, G8 another good light, the lighthouse hydro 720's do well but i have lost pods of lights with those i keep an extra light for repairs....again check ebay for those brands and you may be able to acquire one for half or less of original cost. I have had good luck with used LED lights from ebay.