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LED lighting advice needed please

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  • LED lighting advice needed please

    New here so hello to all! I am starting up a new grow after many years away from growing.
    I would be very greatful for any advice regarding LED lighting. I am starting up small, having just purchased some Skunk feminized autoflowering seeds and will only be growing 3 plants to start with.
    LED lighting is very new to me but the route I want to take mainly due to the cost of electric today!
    I have been looking at a huge range of LED systems and don't know where to start. I want to keep the cost of the system as low as possible without buying something ineffective. I have found bulbs with red/blue and white or orange LED's in them on Amazon for what appears to be very cheap prices of around 20 with 25W power. They claim full spectrum of light required and cover an area large enough to provide light to three plants.
    Please can you help advise me if this type of lighting is going to be sufficient or does anyone have other suggestions without going to the length of spending a lot more money as I am starting up on quite a tight budget.
    Great site! Hope to get to know people better and thanks in advance for any advice.

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    The best advice I can give is to buy the best you can afford. Cheap ebay ones can often be a waste of money.
    There are lots and lots of posts on this forum on this subject. I've read a few today, Have a search about and see what people have been saying.


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      Many thanks for the help, will keep searching and reading before I buy.


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        This is some of the information from the light I am interested in, can anyone tell me if this is suitable as I don't fully understand what is required?

        'Full Spectrum:42 pcs red (630nm, 660nm) and 18pcs blue (440nm, 460nm), 6 IR, 6 UV, 6 White Light,which are optimum for plants' growth and bloom.'


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          Hi Kermit. It's a tricky subject. I think the best bet is to go on personal recommendations and experiences rather than believing all the manufacturer's hype.
          I've been using the Spectrum King SK450s for a couple pf years now and am very happy with the results. I reckon they are comparable with HPS. They are cheaper to run, and I sleep better knowing that if something goes wrong, they are less likely to set the house on fire
          Other than that, I would agree with Schmokin - get the best ones you can afford.

          As for the specs you give, well they have it all covered, but only the white lights can be full spectrum. Full spectrum means white light that contains all the colours, like sunlight.


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            Seems like what claims to be full-spectrum are always more expensive, though I'm not sure if full-spec is really better. All you need is blue and red after all. If you feel risky to trust the manufacturer, maybe you can believe other customers' reviews and rating. There's a LED from Roleadro with really good reviews on Amazon but with only blue/red light (you can find it here btw The price and actual wattage is similar to what you first said. I think it will be good for you.
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