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    Still Completely happy with my California Light Works SolarStorm 880.
    They have now released the SolarStorm1100 which is awesome.

    Made in California USA.



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      Originally posted by slo-han View Post
      I have been looking in the internet and reading up on Leds. It seems that pretty much all of them come from China. Does any one have a led system that did not? I am hoping for a discussion that doesn't turn into mine is better and we can share the good and the bad of your led system. I have been looking at King, Mars Hydro, Joy Hydro grow and one called Gro Star. I myself have two 225 panels that carry full spectrum(so they say) and have had good veg times but did not go into bloom with them so I can share some info on that. How about any one else - what do you have and how is it working out. Please lets keep this to Leds and thanks - -slo-han
      I used mars hydro 29000 watt and its works very well..


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        Anyone have experience of using " VIPARSPECTRA Reflector Series 600W"? I'm planning to purchase a low budget led grow lights. Please suggest which one you're using and its output.
        We review all the best LED Grow Lights for 2016 >>> From full spectrum down to the cheaper models. Just a couple of years ago the thought of growing weed under LED lighting would have been laughable.
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