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    Thanks slo-han. I looked around and everything I was finding was 5w and not the recommended 3w. Then I see what you're recommending, check them on EBay and crap they want $487each, check the mfr website and they are $304 each or cheaper if buying 2 or 3. Surprised me they would be cheaper there. So that's the way I will go as soon as I begin putting everything together after the first of the year. Thanks again!!


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      Just doing some additional reading to check things out on other forums and ran across this post. Wondering if this is a isolated situation or more. I have also seen where this person named Sara who works for Mars post comments in a third forum and then also that Mars has a habit of giving away free lights to get their name and product out there.
      Here the post:

      Mars ii and Warranty Issues
      Fellow Growers,
      Warning to you about the purchase of lights from
      Mars Hydro LED - the Best Solutions for Horticulture and Indoor Plants formally called Led Grow Lights for indoor plants-Top Led admin removed the link). Their main product line is the Mars ii LED

      I had purchased about 4 lights from their sales person Sara. Had no issues with the purchase, or shipping. Fast response as well.

      However, when I had about 5 diodes fail.....communication came to a stand still. This is within the first 3 months and a 3 year warranty. I have tried for over a month to get a response( starting Nov 4). They only responded once, informing me they were on their way. When I asked for the tracking number, I no longer got a response. My 4-5 additional email requests for an update received no response as well. My last email informed them that I would be posting my experience, I gave them 48 hours......but nothing.

      So be warned my friends, that they do not honor their warranty policy. I tired many times so that I dont have to go down this road of posting warnings to consumers.

      Has this Sara made any posts or contact here or has anyone heard of this situation?

      I'm not slamming Mars, just showing some concern is all, I don't want to be dropping $300 a light every 3 to 4 months. Then I also ask what good is a 3 year warranty if you can't collect on it? Not like I can just hop in the car and go pay them a visit.

      Just concerned any thoughts?
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        Guess I just blew past the link to them, my bad. Guess my punishment is to go sit in the corner and smoke some for being bad and not paying attention more. The punishment is so harsh. LOL We all know how to find them.

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      Hi Fishinbuddy,
      Your not the first person that I have seen talk about how MARS have not been good on their warranty a few other grow forums have said the same thing as well and I have also seen off youtube that people have been having problems with them burning out after a few months, I concerned with this emailed them and had talked to a guy named Stephan from Mars because I was concerned about this issue and he said that the issues where isolated issues but I don't know about their lights after all because instead of answering my questions completely he was too busy trying to get me to buy their lights which made me wonder wtf if I am going to be a customer wouldn't you want to answer the consumers questions. Which IMO makes me put wanting one of their light's on hold for the moment until I see more review about their product.


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        I agree. I have time, not in a rush.... going to keep researching and see what comes up. If they are having a problem then a $1000 could end up being cheaper in the long run due to the hassle and the possibility of lost crop and so on. I also have seen that some mfr have run into a bod bunch of LED in the automotive market, so I know there's that chance with any product out there. But what it boils down to do they stand behind their product or run like hell when it fails...

        Not knowing the rest of the story.... it could really still be a very good product in the long run. I think I'm going to check and see if I can find that post again and see what the final out come was.

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      I was ready to purchase also but when I asked simple questions I got no response - that stopped me immediately - I figure if they are to busy to respond I'm to busy to buy. Where I grew up civility is an issue. After three different times asking the same question, well..................................slo-han


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        I have found that this other site I'm reading is now really trying to make things right. It appears someone was out sick and no one answer emails. Now someone is taking action, the only down fall is because they come from China Our friends at the ports are taking there time till they get what they want.

        I won't post the other site that has many pages of talk both from purchasers and the company to include this Sara gal. Ask in private and I'll share, don't want to get admin upset. But this other does have lots of info and people have tested them lots of good reviews.

        I guess in short they have redeemed themselves in my eyes... for now.

        Looks promising.


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          Regarding American made, yes please, see the California Light Works products.
          I bought my SolarStorm 880, and then learned about their GFP, where if you post a grow journal on a public forum, they will only charge you 50% of retail price. That's a great way to save a bunch of money.

          Anyway, the light works great and has a Veg~Flowering button, used to switch the light pattern. Also two UVB bulbs used during the final phase of flower, with their own On/Off switch.. They offer a One Year warranty and have shown me great customer service, through various email conversations.
          Ask for George, & tell him Chas says hi..


          Originally posted by slo-han View Post
          I have been looking in the internet and reading up on Leds. It seems that pretty much all of them come from China. Does any one have a led system that did not? I am hoping for a discussion that doesn't turn into mine is better and we can share the good and the bad of your led system. I have been looking at King, Mars Hydro, Joy Hydro grow and one called Gro Star. I myself have two 225 panels that carry full spectrum(so they say) and have had good veg times but did not go into bloom with them so I can share some info on that. How about any one else - what do you have and how is it working out. Please lets keep this to Leds and thanks - -slo-han


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            Theres some great leds out there and some very dubious ones to. I have had no issues with mars 11 so far touchwood. I had been watching a certain auto grower for a while he uses 2 120 watt leds by grow northern and consistently gets great results. With one autoextreme he harvested 350g using the 2 leds at 240 watts total.
            Grow northern have just released a new led light made in the U.K will be interesting to see if they perform as well as their old light.

            AutoExtreme tang a.jpg


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              Clevergrow is from UK, they provide you with smart controller that can help you to create artifitial weather even the moonlight... and it saves you $$$
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                You mean clevergrow pera. Those look pretty nice but too rich for my blood. The 'Intelligent SB-270 watt would be over $750 in canadian funds for me. I paid just over $400 for a 280watt that works perfectly and i could pick it up myself and not risk it being damaged by having it shipped half way around the world. But if i lived out that way i'd probably give these a go i think. But with all these newer panels coming out its going to be like pc's. One year a good one comes out you buy it then following year its obsolete already lol


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                  Clevergrow i meant ... one of the reasons why they should be better is that their lights include alluminium instead of iron whitch makes better heat dissipation and lighter weight plus hundred $ is easy payed off with bigger yield. i dont care about weight but i do mind if my plants get burned


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                    I have a pair of Advance Platinum P600 and am happy with them as well. These lights are made in America, not China. Mega nute


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                      So, input on the different neut usages.. I didn't get that it was my led but it makes total sense after reading your great thread! I have a 650w Mega LED. Full spectrum. Was super expensive but in comparing it with a friends light I'm glad I did. His light puts off way more heat with a much smaller footprint. I had plants he neut lock and didn't get why.. I run DWC. I flushed with cal mag water several times an left them in only cal mag water until they began to progress and started showing real defficiency idea. To avoid it happening again I use only cal mag water for daily adjustments and every 3rd gallon of makeup water has regular neuts. Since this change my almost dead plant has grown better than ever at 12" a week and tripled its root ball size! I've only had one full grow... Love this light but now I understand. Thanks guys!


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                        I also have a pair of sk 450's that were made in California. They also have given me great grows, but they were over 1600.00 dollars for the pair. I think prices on led'swill come down as the need increases. Teaching yourselves all about led's before you buy is the best way to find a good light at your price. Some growers have studied the info so well that they are now building their own lights! Good luck, mega


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                          I bought the Mars Hydro 2 900 watts for 130 off the narrows, The hardest piece of developing with it is no doubt my absence of trust in it with a hps you know where to place to get a specific extension you need and so forth. I began my drove at 20" over the plants was an approach to much for them so I moved it up to 40" still I have no extend with extremely tight hubs. In the event that I utilize it again, I would begin off at 5' over the plants.

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                            Also, I should have mentioned that I have the green lights with the reflectors and veg-bloom switches.