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what kinds of light for your marijuana

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  • shaby42395
    no answer for this ?

    is the led light popular in your place ?
    Many ppl buy from us, must be popular in European and America

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  • shaby42395
    started a topic what kinds of light for your marijuana

    what kinds of light for your marijuana

    last night before sleep, I got a inquiry from Brazil, said that he has a 60cm L,60cm W 120cm H grow box, want to equip a ufo 90W light for the marijuana.
    I recommend he our new intergrated led light which has the UV and IR led special used for the mrijuana for him, he felt very happy becaues only one light can cover his growing box powerfull instead many 90w lights.
    Well, all the things seems goes smoothly till the issue come to freight.

    $200 ! he must have shouted to himself, expensive than light, so he is thinking about the light again.

    I feel helpless that always expensive for good goods, but not all person can bear it. That is a pity.

    So what kind of light are you taking for your marijuana or plants?