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My grow diary, firsth time grower

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  • My grow diary, firsth time grower

    Hello guys, I`m a new grower (never grew before) so I have joined this forum for information and share my grow. My plan is to start growing outside in about 2 months when the weather will be better. Yesterday I ordered my first seeds, my choice has gone for feminized seeds since they seem to grow the biggest. This is also where my first question comes, can it be a problem to have 3 different strains growing close to each other? I ordered them at so hopefully, they will arrive without customs problems, their reviews looked great .

    I`ll get back to my story when the seeds have arrived....

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    did you grow in indoors or outdoors?


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      LouiWu, I'm also interested to see what you've got after months of growing that strains. I do love everything, which is related to cbd hemp flowers. The first time when I've tried BLACK TIE KUSH Hemp flower, which I've ordered right here ( link: ), I've felt so nice, comfortable and relaxed, that I've decided that I'm gonna learn how to grow hemp strains, so maybe someday I will be able to reproduce their quality of such an awesome CBD hemp products.
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