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    Hello, We are We have some new products now and needs customers' real feedback in order to improve our products. So we provide 5 free new cannabis LED grow lights for you. Since we would like to get the feedback and improve our products as soon as possible, so we recommended that customers shop by Amazon US(The reason is that the FBA shipping is faster). After the purchase, please contact us and we will refund all of your money within 24 hours by the payment methods you would like.

    If you are interested with the FREE LED GROW LIGHTS, please comment with us or leave your email, we will choose the TOP 5 Customers.

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    So bad i not live in us /


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      I'm from Portugal i do cannabis indoor but my light is Chinese is no God, I'm from Portugal lisboa my name is Miguel antas and I am hiv positive for 25 years and my health is not ok again a doctor talk to me about the CBD cannabis treatment but in portugal don't existe only if you grow indoor and i can't afford a light because I'm imployd


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        CBD oil - is important relaxing thing almost for any person
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          As you know, some countries have less control about cannabis, and governments think that people know better for themselves how they should relax, with or without it. And talking about marijuana and CBD oil as well, have you ever considered about dosage of CBD oil taking and consuming process? It's pretty important to consume it by moderate doses, in my opinion. You can easily calculate how much of CBD oil do you need ( here: ), and after that - start consuming it for your specific medical or personal needs.


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            Hi, I am a manufacturer of LED grow lights. Although I cannot help you find the right product, we have experts to answer your needs. So far, the plants of customers who use our grow lights have grown very well. You can try to contact our staff. My website is
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