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  • Early Miss Feminized Autoflower

    Howdy folks, long time no type. Well i ended up buying............

    Grow Tent Kit 36 x 36 x 72 includes 1680D Mylar Grow Tent, 800W COB LED Grow Light (200w Actual), 4 Inline Fan, 12 Charcoal Carbon Filter, 2 x Analog Dial Timers, 4 x 25 Ducting, Clamps, light hangers. For just over $600 Canadian.

    Germinated 4 Early Miss Feminized Autoflower and one took quite well but stayed dormant it seemed and never grew. The other hasn't shook its husk off yet. So last night i decided i knew the humidity just wasn't there so i wrapped them both with saran wrap and some wooden skewers to hold it up and over the seedling. She sprouted right up over night and was amazed how much it grew. I am using Sunshine Mix #4 with Diablo nutrients. Once they really get going i will show more pics. Can't see much right now thru saran wrap.

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    Nice work. You can make a mini greenhouse like that out of a clear plastic bottle cut down.
    Hope you're happy with your tent. Looking forward to seeing its fruit.


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      Here are some pics i just took this morning.
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        Well here is some updated pics lol i havent been around at all but shes almost finished. I am guessing maybe another 2 weeks and i will start flushing her out. I had a slow start during veg but i know what it was. Otherwise her buds would be fatter i am sure. But hey i am still happy to be growing and its LEGAL!!!! I will be getting ready to do 4 outdoor plants pretty quick here as next month will be the time to put them out in first week of May.
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            Nice work Katzie. Enjoy that legal smoke brother.