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Had to Harvest 2 Plants Early Can I Use Chlorophyll Tasting Pot?

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  • Had to Harvest 2 Plants Early Can I Use Chlorophyll Tasting Pot?

    I haven"t grown pot since I was a kid back in the 70's but have all kinds of bone and nerve pain due to ski injuries and back surgery and don't want to take opioids anymore. They don't work as well as pot anyway, but I live in Texas and alas it is illegal and the closest place to obtain it is 12 hours away. I have a lot of obligations and can't easily get away for a couple of days. One of my Drs. even suggested that I grow my own so I did, but weeks before harvest time my grand kids decided to come visit with their very straight parents. I had no other choice but to harvest probably two weeks early. The pot has a very strong chlorophyll taste which taste like a freshly cut lawn smells. The 2 plants were White Widow and Durbin Poison. It seem as if I should be able to use them for edibles or oils or something, Does anyone have suggestions?

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    Hi GG. Welcome to our forum.
    Your plants will still be OK for making edibles. I would just say watch out as they may be more psychoactive than usual. As plants ripen they convert THC to CBD, This hasn't happened as much with yours so the effect may be more "up" and less relaxing. You should still get some pain relief, but you may get higher and more stimulated than usual.
    Let us know how you get on with this. What method do you use for making edibles? Do you have a good recipe? Most people find that making cannabutter first, and then using that for cooking is the most effective method.


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      Hello. I cann't comment on the CBD/THC concentration, since i got no experience in that growing area.
      But I can give you some advise about cannabis oil. Is this your first time to make edibles or oil? If so, remember don't cook at temperature that is too high. It will ruin the your CBD/THC.
      Some heat is require for de-carb though.
      Hope this help


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        When I make cannabutter I have it on a low simmer for about 5 hours. AM not sure if I destroy any THC/CBD, but there's definitely plenty left. I get more problems with TOO potent than with not potent enough