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starting the new year off right

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  • starting the new year off right

    finished up my seed project, and did some bartering with a friend, wound up with 5 brand new clones, 2x white rhino, 2x big bud, and 1x p-91. all look strong and healthy and they will be going into a soil mix soon.
    I put it in grow diaries this time, screwed up on the last one.

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    All the best Gary. I love the Rhino. I've grown the Big Bud. I've no idea what p-91 is. Just had to look it up. Sounds amazing. Will be following this.


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      moved them over to their new home and decided to try the fabric pots this time, would like for anyone here that's used them, to please share your thoughts, good or bad.
      I never heard of p91 either, it was added as a free-be so just have to wait and see what turns up.


      • rigman
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        I just finished a grow with smart pots (cloth pots) and they worked great. I had a catch pan underneath them and when i would do a flush i could just vacuum out the water with a wet vac and dump it. you can see them in my grow diary.

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      thanks for the reply rigman, I built a big catch pan to put under the pots and I am keeping about an inch of water in it so I don't have to worry about the plants drying out, and
      it's supposed to form a better root ball than the plastic Walmart buckets that I have been using.
      your grow looks great, I've never tried the GG but it sounds like you are set up for some fine smoke.