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  • Fighting the weather

    Next 15 days the weather here is going to yoyo between the 70's and mid 30's! Super nervous. Plant is in the ground, and I'm worried about growth. It has another month, I'm assuming. Red hairs just starting. Should I cover at night with a sheet during the cold periods and pray? Lol.

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    Not sure if this plant is still with us. But if your temps are below 50, you should definitely cover at night. You might get away with a double layered trash bag. Just do a little research on this and it could extend your growing period a couple more weeks.

    We're in a similar boat. Temps (fingers crossed) haven't gone too far below 50's, but humidity and rain are supporting bud rot. We're also needing a couple more weeks at least.

    Good luck!!


    • Bats
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      It all depends on your seed type.if you had an Afghan Kush or just say northern lights my favorite you are all set with those temps all in the seed strains.good luck

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    Wow Bats I would not have thought strains could swing 40's and not be negatively impacted. Northern Lights, what a great strain. Durable, resilient, easy, and forgiving.


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      Weed's ability to withstand cold has been debated a few times here. I've had very healthy plants at single figures Celcius. It's is strain specific, with tough indicas topping the list.
      They'll survive ok, it will slow production though.


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        Hi sat how it going?are you back up and growing? back to the discussion my northern lights just got past temps in the 30sthen back up to the 80s.doing good a little bud rot cause bye the damp weather in the northern area of patriots land,basic all is good.happy grow to all


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          Hey Bats. It's still a no go in our current situation. I spend a lot of time visiting my son in law's grow though so keep my hand in.
          Not surprised by your plants being able to withstand the low temps. Imagine the conditions up on some windswept Afghani mountain side.... Those babies are tough as nuts.