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Chocolate Diesel S1 & AK-47 F1

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  • Chocolate Diesel S1 & AK-47 F1

    Ok well Iím a little late but better late than never. Iím helping a customer of mine grow for their first time. They are local so I can go over and help them a couple times a week to keep them on track. They bought The Growing Bundle and I gifted them a set of BioBizz nutes to help out with their first grow.

    Soil mix:

    40% Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    40% Canna Coco
    20% Perlite
    Amended with dolomite lime for added calcium and magnesium and ph buffering.

    Nutes: Complete line of BioBizz nutes with Earth Juice CalMag when needed.

    The first week or so we had some minor issues with the peat pellets and ph but once that was resolved they really started to take off. Today they are about 20-24 days from seed. We have 3 Chocolate Diesel S1s and 4 AK-47 F1s from Serious Seeds. They seem to be doing really well and have grown exponentially in the last week or so. We are using a T-5 floroscent light right now and temps are steady at 78-80 with 50% RH. Anyhow hereís the pics so far about three weeks into this grow.

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    Sorry can only post five photos per post. Hereís some more recent photos.


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      These are being grown in The Growing Rack and theyíve mentioned a few things they really enjoy about it to me in recent days. One being how easy it is to clean. They clean the grow space every couple of days and messes wipe up easily. In fact they always clean it right before I get there so I sorta feel bad anytime I make a mess, ha.

      They had some minor insect issues at first due to the fox farm soil that was easily remedied with dimascious earth and safer soap spray.

      Soon clones will be taken and then more vegging and then on to flowering.

      They also really enjoy how all the nutes and gear fit in the one side of the veg chamber and it keeps everything well organized and out of the way. I couldnít agree more. So Iíll update the progress here in a few more days and let everyone know how itís going.


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        Chocolate Diesel..... Mmmmmmm...........
        Looking great! Keep us up to date.


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          Thanks they are doing well. I’ll post some updates when I get back. I’m waiting for them to get a little bigger before taking clones. Shouldn’t be long now.