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    Good day yall. Im gonna do a grow journal on my current Crown Royale grow. This is my first hydroponics grow and I am using a DWC setup I got off of Amazon. Will hold 6 gals and has 6 holes for plants but I am only using one of them. The other ports are blocked off. . Nutes are Fox Farms. Grow tent is 2 X 2 X 60 and the light is a Mars 480W. This isnt my first grow but I am not what anyone would call an experienced grower. Im still learning :P Presently I have a purple kush grow thats on her last week.

    My Crown Royale girl was germinated a couple weeks ago. The seeds came from Crop King. Started her training by bending her stem to get it to grow sort of horizontal and today she was topped. The plan is for the plant to have a flat canopy with 8 or 16 main cola's thats stay close to the reservoir. I hate when plants grow into the light. The solution when I checked it earlier was PH 6.05 PPM 1024 EC 2072 SO far the hardest part of this hydro grow has been the nutes. The PH hasnt been any problems but getting the PPM/EC in an acceptable range has been a little tougher.

    One last thing, with the nutes I am also using Advanced BioGuard and Real Growers Recharge. The roots seem to love it. They are over 2 foot long already. Once the hit the solution, they really started to grow fast.

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    Hey chopdoc. Welcome to the forum. Will be following this grow with interest. I'm a soil only grower but very tempted by DWC.
    I've never heard of Crown Royale, What's the breeding?