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36'x36'x72', how do I heatb my tent HELP PLEASE

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  • 36'x36'x72', how do I heatb my tent HELP PLEASE

    I cant find anything on heating my grow tent its 36
    x36' x72'.... Im ready to go except for that!! HELP please, joe

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    Hi jmi. Welcome to the forum.
    It kind of depends on what the ambient temperature of the room the tent is in. I've found a simple greenhouse heater like this one works fine for me. That's in an attic in Scotland where it can sometimes get pretty cold.
    Remember, if heating is an issue, to have your lights on at night so they can help warm the tent at the coolest period.


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      hi saturnalia, THX, the temp is about 65F , i have a 1000 watt full spectrum LED light,so Ill need a little fan for air exchange. i dont know how hot that light will get, i need to set it up & check it out but ive been really busy. Thanks again


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        BTW its 36 inches, not feet


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          I've found that plants will take those temps fine. It might slow them down a bit, but it won't hurt them. Mine have been down to single figures celcius and survived. I'm not advocating it, just saying they are hardier than a lot of people think.
          By the time you have that big light going I don't think you'll have any heat problems. And if you do, that wee greenhouse heater I showed you should sort it out just fine.
          Good luck fella.