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Black spots on leaves Need Help pls

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  • Black spots on leaves Need Help pls

    I have no idea whats happening the black spots started appearing a few days ago i recently moved the plant indoors PLS HELP!
    Black spots
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    Pics of the rest of the plant will help as well as info on the grow-conditions, medium, lighting.


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      HI Ultradent, welcome.
      Your leaves look pretty yellow too. Can you give us some more info. How old is the plant? What are you feeding her (and how much)? Are the spots all over or just on new/old leaves or what? Have you tested the pH?
      It looks like you might have some kind of nute problem there. Or maybe a fungus. We need some more info.


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        Share the pics, As black spot usually starts from the yellowing of the leaves. Here read this article. It might help


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          please could you magnify the photo so we can have a thorough look at it and give diagnosis? however, from your description, the cause of the black spots could be a few issues related to nutrient deficiency, bad watering practices and lack of defoliation, but maybe!