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  • Germination

    Hi all newbie lee here.whats the best way to germinate fem thc bomb seeds and what’s the best soil to do an indoor grow.

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    Hi Lee. Welcome to the forum
    For me the best germination is the paper towel method.
    As for soil, that;'s a broad question and one that everyone might answer differently. My own soil mix is roughly

    2 buckets Levingtons (a good quality compost from the garden centre)
    30% perlite or vermiculite
    2 big handfuls rotted tree bark (sold as mulch or path covering)
    1 handful blood, fish bone
    1 handful worm castings
    1 handful volcanic rock dust
    1 handful bat guano when they go into flower

    You'll get other answers from other people but they all have a base of potting compost and perlite/vermiculite, they are the main staples. The rest is to enrich the soil and I found the tree bark helps keep the pH down.


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      when I used soil I first got the stuff from b&q big big mistake bloody beasts and flys every bloody were, so I went to my hydro shop after he stopped pissing him self laughing at my rookie mistake he sold me some soil, to be honest that's up to you to pick which one you want to go with, or if you have time do what sat has suggested. I was putting seeds in towels , then in bigger pots then in bigger pots then the biggest pots but, the last 4 I did I just popped the seed into the main 11lt pot just let them get on with it and they did great, so I felt there was no need disturbing them pissing about trance planting them all the time. I will say tho do NOT press the soil down as they do like a bit of air round there roots so just pour it in and let the plant find it's way.


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        Sorry to jump on the post but in need of help first time grow in coco from cuttings. About 2 weeks in my tent under a hps light watering everyday i have gone in to water tonight and noticed a white flour like stuff on the coco closer to the pot sides where i dont water (advised to only water nearer roots) what is the problem? Is it a problem ? Any advice appreciated thankyou


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          going on two weeks started with the soak paper towel then [soil] all doing great I went with fox farms been workin for me


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            Go for the coco for the starting phase..


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              Just take a look at this plant and pay attention to the nutes and grow conditions

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