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MindlessCorpse starts a new Hobby. Can you guess what it is?

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  • MindlessCorpse starts a new Hobby. Can you guess what it is?

    Hi all
    I have started my first attempt at a grow and am open to advice and suggestions that might be useful along the way.
    I am a couple weeks into it and have two sprouts of White Widow feminized started in solo cups. One has three leaves and the other (which is a week older) suffered from a slight case of light burn when I first started the new LED light. She was sprouted under 2x24" grow lights (one is a 7200k fluorescent tube the other is a LED grow light bar) Three leaf was sprouted under 1x100 watt 6700k spiral in a 10"dome.
    They are now both under a 1000 watt LED at 36" above and 3x100 watt 6700k spiral cfl's around the tent, all are set for 18 on 6 off cycle in a 38"x38"x60" tent.
    The tent has a digital timer for the lights and 1x8" exhaust fan ran by a digital temp controller set to come on at 78 deg and shut off at 76. There is a Humidifier set at 55% humidity and a couple of 8"desk fans for circulation.
    The soil is Fox Farms Ocean Forrest and I have been watering with tap water ph'd to 6.5.
    The light burnt sprout was dropped into a Burpee Seedling starter after a 24 hour soak and then dropped that into a solo cup of FFOF after a few days, and the three leaf was put straight into a mix of FFOF and a bit of Morse organic seedling starter after a 36 hour soak.
    So far all I do is spray a few squirts from a spray bottle around the dirt away from the stalk and no nutes yet but I do have the FFOF trio waiting to try.
    I have the el'cheap-o ph tester off Amazon and no solids meter yet but I will get one.
    My main light (led) is a 1000 watt dual chips grow light. It is a cheap one and I am thinking it will not last as it already has one blackened led emitter.
    Anyhow, this is about as far as I have gotten so far. Any questions I have not answered, just ask. I am open to all the help and advice I can get.
    Thanks for reading,

    edit... I posted here after adjusting my profile and did not see the Diaries button, so if an Admin could move this to its proper place that would be great
    White Widow Fem, why the third leaf??? Getting over a case of Light Burn top inside tent, kind of cluttered
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  • MindlessCorpse
    July 30th update
    38 days since I dropped the first seed in water and 31 days for the second (the second is the larger plant)

    I am wondering if it is time to top these a second time.

    20170730_171507.jpg2655x1493 1.14 MB

    20170730_171511.jpg2655x1493 1.18 MB

    20170730_171525.jpg2655x1493 1.32 MB

    20170730_171735.jpg3756x2112 1.82 MB

    The girls are growing out and up more now. I don’t know if it is just time for it (roots are more established) or if it is from changing the lights up a bit. Either way they look very good to me. Nice healthy stem structure, healthy leaves with good color and spreading out somewhat.
    The one plant (the smaller one) still has the main stem running along the dirt a bit. Once in a while I tuck a bit of dirt under the upwards bend to help it straighten some. I do not want to put much pressure on it as I might snap it from the root system…man that would piss me off. I am figuring on using either 3 foot by 3/16" dowel pins to tie branches to for support later. Probably at least 6 per plant along with a scrog net.
    I have been clipping a leaf or two once in a while. Just the bottom ones that are not getting light anymore.
    Now, on clipping leaves… there are some leaves throughout the plants that are around hand sized. What do I do about them? I know they are in direct light and receive a lot of light energy, but they cast huge hand sized shadows on a lot of sites even though I have lights around the outside at 4 corners. Should they be left alone? I wonder if removing them would provide a lot of light to many more leaves that are at nodes. Would that let the node leafs grow into more branches? or should I remove the large leafs and top at the younger sites?
    Have a thoughtful look at the pictures and try and figure it out. I can provide different pictures and better resolutions if needed.
    I also have to keep in mind that I would like to be smoking from this around mid November so there is still time to play, but not a lot. They are W.W. photo plants so I am guessing I can veg for as long as needed for size and structure before changing the light cycle (correct me if this is wrong…just think newbie here)

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  • Saturnalia
    Hi MC. It's nice to see a beginner who has done his homework. There's enough info out there (and on here!) for anyone who takes it seriously to hit the ground running. I'll be watching with interest. Nice one.

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  • MindlessCorpse
    Hi Schmokin
    Thanks for getting this moved to proper thread.
    You were correct in your read. The exhaust was sensor controlled, but I have since changed that fan out and placed an 8"circulation fan into the top of the exhaust hole and am leaving it on 24/7. It does a decent job and provides a constant flow of fresh air, also developes a nice bit of neg. pressure in the tent.
    On the cheap LED light, yes I am learning that not all LED emitters are made the same. Having one burn out already is no big deal (unless it was the only U.V. or IR emitter) but there are enough remaining lights to do pretty good. I have already ordered two of the Roleadro 400 watt COB lights. They also were fairly cheap, ($80 each) but they come with a 2 year warranty and through Amazon I added another 3 years extended policy so if any problems with those, Amazon will handle the issue for the next 5 years !!!
    Anyhows, Thanks for reading and the inputs, I will be needing advice from time to time on this, my first grow.

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  • admin
    Moved. Thanks all.

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  • Schmokin
    Hi mindlesscorpse. Welcome.
    You seem to have this under control. Nice work.
    When you say that the exhaust switches off with the temp - do you have a continuous supply of fresh air to the tent? Your plants will want fresh air with fresh CO2 all of the time. As a grower I had a fan on 24/7 sucking fresh air into the grow area.
    Interesting point about the LED burning out. We are constantly warned about the problems with cheap LEDs. I sometimes wonder if we are being too precious about it. Maybe not.
    I will look forward to seeing how this grow goes. I will see to it that this post moved into the diary section. Thanks.

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