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  • Strain ID Any Help Appreciated

    The long and the short of it is that this is my 4th season cultivating RQS Royal Medic. (RM) Last season I had 5 of 5 seeds fail but sdince I had great success the first 2 seasons I decided to try again this summer. The problem, I have 3 plants that are growing nothing like and look nothing like my RM grows past. The first season I also tried RQS Blue Mystic (BM) which was a total loss to mold. I mention because I considered the possibility that it was me that confused RM and BM the first season.
    I am hoping one of the many strain guru's here can tell me (from the pix) who's genes actually grow in my garden. I call to note the single fingered leaves apparent in the photo's. She is a slow grower and really not for the beginner. Earlier this season I question if she was going in to flower early because of the way the single leaves start out like threads before looking like new foliage. Not very easily but I was able to groom her and she does eventually split each pinch into two branches. There is a lot going on for a short to medium sized plant under the leaves and if I get her to labor day she might be worth it but my guess is that she will not be able to take the South Florida moisture and will also be lost to mold spore.
    RM was my medicinal high CBD strain and I am hoping this, if I can get her to fruition, will be a higher CBD strain. I will do the strain research if anyone can identify her for me. I will answer any and all questions to help the identifier.
    ThankX in Advance,
    note single fingered leaves Bushy pic from 5/23/17
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    Those may be the thinnest finger pointed leaves I have ever seen! No help with the ID I'm afraid. ID from a picture like that is going to be an educated guess at best.
    RQ normally have a great reputation for good breeding. In this instance they have clearly let you down. My only guess is that this is either a genetic throwback or simply the wrong seed in the wrong packaging.


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      Thank you for the reply. Ya, I should note a few things. I did not get my seed direct from RQS, and I have always been very happy with their products. They are one, of the few, of my favorite banks but they will not yet send to the US. My part in this is that I ordered seeds from the same distributor I have used for 4 years and these plants ARE NOT anything like the past RM I have successfully grown. I am working a big post on seed purveyors and what to watch for when buying seed online so I won't bad mouth the bastards yet.
      Another thing, I recalled reading about people snapping pictures of their latest 1'4 oz bag trying to decide if it's GD Purp or Omar Sheriff. LOL I thought then, How friggin' stupid. Bud ID! Not wanting to sound like a the stoner I am I really think that, even with the shitty picture, some grower is going to recognize and recall the unique structure of those leaves. I can not imasgine it being anything other than a dominant strain trait. This Ladies structure, to this cultivator of the fine, is just so Unique.
      I will take a walk out and see if I can't snap a better picture and post it up. So check back. But thankx.


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        Those are some fine looking leaves you have there!
        You're right in so far as they do look pretty unique. I have to agree with Roofie though. ID is going to be difficult. I'll be interested to see what people have to say.
        I hear lots of people talking about posting issues with the US. Even from the legal states it's still a federal offence eh. I believe the solution you present in your other posts is the way forward for you. Create your own.
        All the best Jimmy.