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2nd Hydro Grow. 1st journal here

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  • 2nd Hydro Grow. 1st journal here

    Ok. This sight seems to be working lol. Let's hope this doesn't disappear again. Anyway , these are my 3 Black Russian Girls on 6-3-17. Started on plain pH'd tap water . Balanced at 5.8. Under Mars ll 400's . Using AN Sensi Grow. They look pretty happy in their cool water jacuzzi

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    Great stuff 2BSE. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing how it turns out.


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    Hi 2BSE. I'm uploading picture OK.
    Let me give you a walk through. Apologies if you already know this, just best to make sure we're all following the same procedure.
    Click on the image icon in the bar above
    Click on the upload tab
    Click choose file
    Browse to the image on your device hard drive
    Select the image you want and click Open
    Click send to server

    There is the picture. :-)


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      Let me know how you get on and I can remove this after.

      I sometimes need to refresh the page before I can see the image myself. I'm not getting booted though.


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        Ok. I'll give it a shot after while. By image icon, do you mean the little pic that looks like a camera ?


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          Shoo Weee. Had to sign in 5 times to post this message lol. This site hates me. Anyway , since I can't post pics , just figured I'd say , the girls are doing killer. Very little to no problems . Flowering like spring time in Yellow Stone. I have discovered that a 4x4x6'7 tent is way too small for 3 girls. Toooo Crowded in there , but tons of airflow.