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My first grow indoor : Sour Diesel

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  • My first grow indoor : Sour Diesel

    this is my first indoor cultivation. I've have had to germinate 5 Super Skunk seeds taken last year in Amsterdam by Sensi Seeds on May 5, but not one went well. I used a Royal Queen Seeds germination kit. So I decided to follow the old fashion of the glass of water and the transplant of the definitive vessel of 3 Dour Diesel seeds and this time it worked.
    I have a 80x80x160 cm growbox, a 250 watt agro CFL lamp and a 250 still HPS I still have not used. I put a 35w cfl on a seedlings because I had fixed the lamp badly and had damaged a seedlings, but now it has recovered. Just bio juice root by Biobiz only the first week, then just water. Allmix soil, 30°maximum temperature and 22° C minimum. Humidity 45%. 12 lt airpot, 2 fans, one humidifier, one extraction and one carbon filter. Light cycle 18/6 and PH 6
    The one damaged
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