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When should i start the flowering?

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  • When should i start the flowering?

    hello. i am first timer with femenized seeds. My plant have been in soil 26 days. And they are about 35-40 cm from the ground. I am using 600w HPS also for the first time. I have never seen anything grow so much before. Is it days , weeks or a months or two more ??? Hope there someone want to help me. Sorry if my speling is ..... up.


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    Hi Stefan, are you doing any kind of plant training with them, like topping, bending etc? Your plants will at least double in height when you switch them to flower.
    I've read that a 600W HPS light should be at roughly 18" (45cm) from top of canopy, and that it penetrates best up to 26" (65cm) and also that it should cover roughly an area of 1sqm.
    Now, if you can make sure your plant tips (future colas) are all in that "strip" (45-65cm and spread over the entire sqm, that's where the best bud is grown. Think in advance and allow for that plant stretch. It's better to have a bit smaller plant than to combat overcrowding, believe me.
    PS. If you post a photo of your plants and your setup... you know the saying "a picture is worth a 1000 words".


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      Thanks for the fast reply.If i understand so now. No i have done nothing with them just nutrients. Oh oh. At least dubbel size. I think i am in a litel bit of a monster jam on my hands. I am also uploaded some photos so you see if something is a no no. Hard to take when the light was runing. Is it to late for some plant training?
      What type is to prefere u think.
      I dont looking for so big yields that i have go and sell the stuff. Just some nice smoke for me and my closest friends.
      Thanks again for the fast and good reply .


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        I'd wait another few days please, just to confirm with maybe another member or two here. This forum is not very active, yet the info is really good. Saturnalia and Katzie_Wolf71 frequent here more often, hope they have another tip for you.
        In regard to plant training, may I be honest with you: This is your first grow, and so far your plants look amazing, they're healthy and I can even see 9-fingered leaves (suggesting the light is just great for them). I can suggest some bending branches, but if you are not confident (if you're scared to break them), just let the plants do their thing, watch them, read more about training and growing, and I'm sure your second grow will be an absolute ripper, while this grow will still produce more than just a nice "incentive" to do the next one
        But if you want, you can bend and tie the top branches so they grow more horizontally, so that the lower branches get a chance to reach to the top of canopy. Remember, each branch tip can become the main cola IF it becomes enough light to grow strong. that will produce the most bud.

        If you happen to yield more than you think you need, that's the time you start making edibles! Nothing better than a mega buzz from a few cookies and alike....
        Few tips for taking photos under HPS light:


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          Hi Stefan. Welcome to the site.
          Now is the time to start flowering these plants. I would flip them to 12/12 straight away.
          If you have plenty of vertical space then just let them grow. They look very healthy and vibrant.
          If vertical space might be an issue then you might want to train them. Some LST should fix it. Or SuperCropping. Check out the range of training techniques here.
          If you decide on a hard training technique like topping then you should wait a week or so before flipping so that the plant has time to recover.
          You don't say what strain these plants are. The amount of stretch that you can expect after flipping varies from strain to strain. Some strains will more than double in size. I have grown hazes that have increased in size by well over 500%!
          Read about the training techniques and then look up information about your strain online and see what it tells you about it. Or tell us what strain it is and we'll see if we can advise you more.
          I hope that helps.
          Well done by the way, these plants look amazing.


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            Nice looking grow. 👍😎


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              Yes looking good indeed, since its your fist time i would just tie the branches when your buds start to form so they wont fall over. And yes you could top them like Sat said too. Maybe just top one plant and use it as a test drive then you'll know what to do your next grow. And as Sat said different strains react differently to being either topped, bent or what have you.