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    Hey folks, this is my first time on this site and need a few questions fielded to the experts. Due to circumstances beyond my control I've had to move my grow inside now. I am
    thinking of an area 6' x 5' with one 600w lamp. How many plants can be brought to maturation WITH a good yield? I am going to try growin some Kush and see how it goes.

    I prefer soil to hydro - what is a good soil to buy? I used to grow indoors a long time ago (skunk, when it first came out) and just used regular dirt and had good results. But with
    these new hy-breds I would think they're finicky eaters.

    Thanks much

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    Hi MotaMan. Welcome.
    The amount of plants you can squeeze into that space will obviously depend on the strain you grow and the set up you use. All I can offer is my own experience, which is a 1200mm square tent. (4ft). In this space I can comfortably fit 4 - 6 plants. If I keep them really small like an SOG system I can manage 9-12. It's a bit of a squash though. In my opinion too many plants squashed in means that you don't inspect them as thoroughly which can lead to problems. Although I can be a bit lazy so it could just be me.
    As for soil... I really like to make my own mix, but if you are in the US I know that a lot of our US members use Fox Farm and they all seem pretty happy with it.
    Hope this helps a bit.


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      I suppose some of the answer depends on how you plan on growing. As an example I run a 8 bucket RDWC system with a 22gal rez in that footprint and it's very manageable.


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        Haha! Just answered this question on another post and then saw it here too. I guess the wide range of answers you got supports my point that it depends on many variables. I know unclear answers can be annoying, but at least is shows how there's no right or wrong or strict rules to follow.


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          if you are considering an area of about 6 x 5 or 6 x 6 as the case may be, then you have to know these basics, the area you envisage is about 34.5 to 36 sq ft or thereabout, and for this grow space you need about 1152 watts.. as for good soil to buy, I think Coco Coir is best suited for that purpose.