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Help!!!please my soil is Miracle grow and is packed with ferts! small plants

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  • Schmokin
    Hi there. Looks like your soil is way too hot for these young plants. Try repotting them into pots with good organic compost. Give them just water until they pick up a but.

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  • Help!!!please my soil is Miracle grow and is packed with ferts! small plants

    My young plants have taco like leaves instead of flat and healthy, the PH level is around 6.5-6.8 however i am aware that the soil could be chaging that level. The fertilizer in the soil appears to be stunting the growth and causing the leafs to cup like a taco. I have two fans giving plently of circulation i try my best not to over water or underwater i started out 24/7 light schedule but in fear it might be causing the problems i changed it to 18 on, 6 off. The heat is a little high but consistent at 82-84 degrees, the lights are kepts 2-4 inches because they are CFLs i have 4 plants near each other the plants are about 3-5 inches tall and most are on the 3rd set of leaves. they have small containers like they should, two of them have a deficiency with the sides and tips of top leaves appearing yellow and curling up a little i think it could be cause of the soil as well and it looks a little like a lack of potassium. Im not sure however. One or maybe more plant I am using 1 CFL all next to each other for each plant(1 a plant so far) i plan to add some more later on. My water is tap water but is very healthy water and does not need a Ph correct. I need to change this soil or do something to help them flush out the ferts that is probably causing harm to there roots, and suggestions?? When i transplant can i change there soil to a completely oraganic one without killing them at least? I know it would cause stress but i just want them to live at this point. I have 20-20-20 plant food but i thinks its to early to start feeding them that. they are about 13 days old to give an estimate, Thank you for the help
    If u look closely there is a little yellowing as well on one part of the side of a leaf My smallest and most unhealthy a bigger pic of the smallest and most unhealthy