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  • First time growing!

    I ordered my seeds yesterday so they should be here in at least 2 weeks. Ive set up my grow area but i'm still struggling with finding good nutrient supplements for the water. Also I'm building a grow bucket to put under my bed during vegetation, My bed is elevated 2 feet off the ground is this enough room? The set up right now includes basic hydroponics (a air pump to add oxygen to the water and a wicking system for the plant). In order to keep the height down i've made a SCOG to use. The only Issue with this set up is my lights are right underneath my bed (cotton and fabric aka flammable) i have a small fan that i can put underneath the bed but i'm not sure if it will be sufficient to prevent a fire. I also dont want everything overheating. Im using a 75 w argo plant light, I did some reading and apparently they can get very hot. Whats a cheap easy way to ventilate the heat? Also i'm trying to keep this as stealth as possible (so any tips for building secure and light proof grow boxes??)

    Before flowing starts I'm Planning on moving the plant to a new room and bigger pot with more room to grow (keeping it on the SCOG). Im also moving it because i dont want its smell to give it away. If theres any ways to eliminate odor that would be helpful. Im moving it to a crawl space underneath my house. By the time i do that it will probably be mid October. I live in Virginia so it will be getting colder. Would the heat of a 75 w grow light and a 120 w grow light keep it warm enough? also what type or nutrients does it need for flowering?

    Also is putting aluminum foil around all the walls surrounding the plant and light a bad idea? its not super close but is there anything else i could use that would be safer?


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    Hi Zach. I've answered your height issues on your other post. Lights under your bed is a massive fire risk.
    As for the foil. Matt white works much better.