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  • CLoset Grow??

    Im looking to start growing in a small room in my apartment. I have been doing a lot of research of things that I will need. But I need some further assistance.

    1) Do I need to build/buy a housing unit to put the bucket and seeds in? Will that make the grow faster?

    2) Can I use a LED at the beginning of the grow stage?

    Any other advice or setup advice would be greater appreciated.

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    Hi there Boombah
    By housing unit do you mean a grow tent? There are lots of different types of units available that are self contained and these make the whole process easier and more convenient, but they are certainly not necessary. I've never used one. You can prepare the closet yourself. Make sure:
    • that you have something waterproof on the floor (I've actually built a small frame around the room and lined it with pond liner, that way, if there's any spillage it will be contained)
    • that the room is completely light tight
    • that there is adequate ventilation.

    If smells might be a problem for you you will need to think carefully about where the air outlet goes and maybe consider a charcoal filter. Check out this page on grow room planning for more info. In fact, take a read of the whole site.

    LEDs can work, and I have heard of some great results, but you need to make sure you buy the correct ones to cover the light spectrum. I have never used them but there is a guy on one of the forums who specialises in LEDs and who might be able to help you. Check out the lighting forum.


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      go to this link...It will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about lighting..... what Saturnalia said!