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where did theese seeds come from?

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  • where did theese seeds come from?

    I'm six weeks into flowering and are starting to get seeds. Pulled the males right away and have been growing good buds. How can this happen without any mature male plants?

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    Have your plants been stressed in any way? Sometimes if they are stressed they change to a hermaphrodite and will
    produce seeds. Are there loads of seeds or just random seeds?


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      Two questions. First, at what point did you pull the males?


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        well some 1 told me once that just from having a chop with mates ect you can get pollin on your fingers that way and sometimes turn your plants to both sex i ausme you would have to be smoking a bud that just turned like your plant did so looks like normal weed but has male pollin also that can fuck up your crop if your not carefull the advise i got is to always wash your hands b4 handling your plants even where gloves if you want to can any 1 vouch this sounds plasable to me


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          Originally posted by doityourselfer View Post
          I'm six weeks into flowering and are starting to get seeds. Pulled the males right away and have been growing good buds. How can this happen without any mature male plants?
          I have had this problem before, and what I found was that I had a female plant with some male flowers (hermaphrodite/intersex), but it didn't look like what I was used to seeing. Usually, you see a lot of female flowers, with a few male pollen sacs. What I found this time (after opening some calyxes containing developing seeds) with a magnifying glass and tweezers, was that the flower looked completely female i.e. a normal calyx, but INSIDE the calyx there was a miniature pollen sac! You couldn't see it from the outside, and I'm not sure what you would call it (hermaphrodite/intersex, reduced male, etc.), but there it was.

          Another thing was there were more than 2 "pistils" coming from the calyx (sometimes up to 6).

          Perhaps it was some polyploid mutant? I don't know. Whatever it was, it did not exhibit anything worth the trouble of attempting to keep, so I put the poor girl/guy/heshe down. Now, years later, I wish I had understood plants better at the time so I could have maybe figured out what it was.

          My plant made seeds because there were male flowers INSIDE the female flowers. They were not visible until "disecting" the calyxes. I have only seen it once.

          Anthony C.


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            "heshe", hahah funny stuff. Yes it seems that you might have had a problem with hermaphrodite. This is of course a tranny haha. Basically it has the polin sac of a male plant and also the flower of the female plant. This is mostly caused by stress, of course there are some other factors but mainly stress.
            Some growers would just keep growing them even though its not a good smoke, and the seeds are worthless ( hermaphrodite seeds can only produce hermaphrodite plants), but to grow it for 8 months and then just chop it down with no benifits at all is a shame. So if you don't have any more plants growing just let the tranny do its thing and try to still enjoy the smoke. Dont forget to throw away the seeds.

            If you do have more then just one plant in there, then I would definitely recommend that you chop it down and try to do it as sterile as possible.( not in the same area and use some dispossable gloves). If you do not discard it, it will pollinate your other plants. then you whole crop is gone to waste.

            The third situation could be because of residue of pollen from the former males. This is why it is so important to detect males a.s.a.p.

            Hope it helps