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Secret Stealth Miniature Success! ;-)

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  • Secret Stealth Miniature Success! ;-)

    I am so happy with my little experiment. It is all the lowest cost possible. One of he LED lights I bought the module and soldered on the live wires then glued it all to a heatsink with heat grease putty stuff. That cost about £3 haha. Another light from Amazon was £5 so I bought two. I also have a CFL I have used to years I got off Ebay for £7. I don't have room for a normal carbon filter so I bought loads of carbon sponge and cut it up and shoved it all down the end of some 4 inch ducting. It works pretty well!

    I did one grow but it was a random selection of seeds from many years of smoking ;-)

    So out of about 30 plants I got two really good ones and a hand full of nice ones. One of them is a beast and started flowering VERY fast when I went into flowering stage. I am so impressed. I have put the whole tent back into vegetative in hopes to get it to give me loads of stems I can turn into clones and make more of the best DNA I found from the experimental grow. Then the next grow I do will be MUCH higher yields. I guess I got about a half ounce even that off the first one. For the reasons stated. I made a few mistakes and stuff. I know the next one will give over twice that, I will select the gene I am using better and now I have the LED lights which are amazing. I am fully converted to loving LED lights now!! I only put the CFL back in to try and get my BEAST plant to go back into vegetative, I am very worried I will lose it, I didn't leave enough little mini buds for it to turn into stems and its really struggling, all the other plants have nice new leaf growing and are converting into vegetative again. But the beast at the back looks pretty sad. I thought maybe I was hitting it with TOO much led light and too close. So I tried to make it more blue/green light and the CFL is less intense than the 30w COB LED I had going in there.

    Anyway a lot of babbling but to see my situation maybe you have a bit of advice? You think my BEAST will go back into vegetative? It has been about 2-3 weeks and all the other plants are doing fine but the two biggest ones, because I harvested them more, left less little areas for new growth to start, now I know thats what I need to do I will do that in the future!! Learn so much every time!

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    So the main question I guess there is, and I got some photos, look how yellow/white the leaves are turning on the BEAST at the back? At one point it had some nice new growth then it all suddenly looked very yellow, almost white. PH or Light stress? I guess not light stress as the light didn't change


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      something wrong with this forum? it takes minutes and minutes for my post the actually post? Says "working..." or "waiting..." along the top or something..


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        Hi BB.
        Sometimes the process of reverting to veg can take a while. Especially as you said the beast was really into flowering. Watch out for some deformed leaves. I would hang on for a while yet.
        Not sure about your problem with pale and yellow leaves. Are they getting plenty of nitrogen? The beast will need it to get back into veg.