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Infernal closet, please help!

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  • Saturnalia
    HI nihilezah. Welcome.
    I think that your lights were too close to the tips. You should be able to hold your hand comfortably above the plants without burning. They seem ok now
    Room temps are fine. 20 - 25 is perfect. 30 is a bit hot though.
    Humidity wants to be about 40 - 60.
    There's definitely enough light. I veg with much less.
    Does your compost have nutrients in it? They might want a light feed by now.
    Your set up seems fine to me. Give the plants time to recover and get used to it and they should be ok.

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  • nihilezah
    started a topic Infernal closet, please help!

    Infernal closet, please help!

    Hi people!

    I’m a neophyte grower, and i really need help i believe… please! I have been reading allot but i cant figure whats wrong.

    I recently moved at the lands end in a little country and cant get weed as i used to in the city. So i tough i could grow some myself! Well thats not as easy as it looks like! Long story short, I had those seeds from an unknown strain that I found in my weed bag a year ago, I was pretty mad back then cause seeds taste real bad… but i kept a dozen, you know, in case.

    2 months ago, i planted those seeds in jiffy pellet out of witch around 8 growned. But im really bad with plants and only 3 survived… when they were about 3 inch tall, i transplanted in a mix of about 70% standard gardening soil and 30% vermiculite to witch i added a bit of transplanting stuff and bone meals (i heard bone meal was magic for root system)
    This is where is lost most of my little green babies (the smallest one had a really bad time, but it managed to survive and is now the healthy one, ironically

    So they were laying on the side of the window for all this time, getting slowly bigger but always looked fine (just a little too tall and not large enough but eh!). But i couldn't grow them there for ever, so i build a grow cabinet, this is where things went really bad!

    I had put 4x 40w CFL 4100k 2650 lumen each (600w worth of light) and 2 T8 tubes 17w 6500k 1275 lumens each. Distance about 3 inches from leafs.

    I was, at first, really proud of my cabinet, looked really good. But 2 hours only after i put my seedlings in there, the medium one was almost dead with all curly leafs drooping witch are now dried -see pictures (its the one that really look bad)- the temperature in the closet back then was awful about 40c (100f) So i went and bought a bathroom fan 50 cfm to evacuate heating, i did a second opening in the bottom and added a fan outside to get fresh air.

    Then i had humidity problem, dropped down to 20%… so i went and bought an humidifier, but it is not raising humidity much and it is inconstant, it keeps moving from 30% to max 55% , plus it does allot of heating and takes much space.

    So now ive tried moving stuff around, I removed the 40w CFL since they seemed to be the source of heat and switched to 4x 23w CFL 6500k 1650 lumen plus the same 2x t8 tubes but moved everything farther, around 8 to 10 inches from leafs.

    During cold days like today, temperature plays between 20c and 25c in the cabinet, during hot sunny days, from 26c to 30c.

    Questions are-:
    - Is my soil okay?
    - will my plants survive the stress they had?
    - Is it enough light? (and close enough)
    - My biggest plant seems to have over watering symptoms, do you believe that heating or water is the mistake?

    - How can i raise lighting and humidity without increasing heating? (and stabilize heat/humid)
    - what the f* is the problem with my setup!?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the long text (plus, note that english is not my mother thongue so sorry for broken english)