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Expanding my closet DIY need ideas/tips!

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  • HobbyGardener
    i don't understand, why can't you use the existing door?

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  • 420Science
    started a topic Expanding my closet DIY need ideas/tips!

    Expanding my closet DIY need ideas/tips!

    Half a year ago i started out with my little test setup of one closet some very low powered LED lights (14watts each ). im now thinking of expanding my one closet by taking out the wall and using the second one to the right it so i can get a proper light in there and have some more space.
    My problem now is that my closets are built in to the wall and have weird hinges that dont work very well with a thin sheet of wood like my first build so i was thinking to take out the doors aswell and use some sort of reflective plastic sheet like this as a door with a zipper in the middle:
    That is all i can really find that could work for what im trying to do, i was thinking about the growtent walls but i cant seem to find anything that could fit and thats not a whole tent... ive also been looking for some zippers so i can get in my grow closet but im not sure if i can put that on the plastic sheeting that im going with.

    Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance
    So you have a better idea what im trying to do :P