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Sea of green or space for a few larger size plants?

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  • Sea of green or space for a few larger size plants?

    Hello Folks,

    I hope all is well on your end. So here is my question. I have a 72" x 56.5 x 30 work area. .That's the size of each of my cabinets. I have two cabinets. Each has 18 tub sites for hydroponic growing. This is where my inexperience kicks in, and hopefully your guidance will pay off. I have been reading a ton....

    Would I be better off growing with a sea of green method - using all 18 slots or would I be better off using 9 of the 18 slots giving me more space to grow bigger plants. I want to grow quality buds but volume is a must....
    Based upon you guys experience, which would allow me to produce the most.

    My goal is to have a perpetual grow. One cabinet will be cloning and veg, the other being strictly flowering - which will allow me to take advantage of the full cabinet., At least that's my game plan going in.
    I look forward to any advice you guys can give.



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    Hi GS1. Big plants can be more fun, but I reckon that the SOG system will help you have the biggest yield with regular turnover. Strain selection will be one of the most important criteria for this. You want small, quick and homogenous. Check the site's strain list for details.


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      Thanks Schmokin...

      I appreciate you taking the time to reply. It's so much information out there. I know this is a craft and much respect to those who have put the time in and mastered it. Its like a great wine maker. I read post supplied by you and others. On behalf of all newbies, we thank you. Thanks for being a resource.
      I'll start researching those strains..


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        Quick question, I know some of these companies may inflate their numbers but by going off strictly what they are stating.
        What do these numbers mean specifically?
        21-23 oz (600 - 650gm) per M2 Indoors
        Does that mean per plant or 5 seeds, etc...?
        Thanks for any clarification...


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          Hi GoodSmoke. Breeders do exaggerate those numbers. They refer to plants packed into an SOG system. The actual number of plants would depend on their size and how tightly you packed them. They will also be grown with hydro rather than soil under a 600W or 1000W HiD lamp and by professional growers.
          Most of us don't get anywhere near these numbers.
          You can convert grams per M2 to ounces per square yard here if it helps.