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Considering buying a grow box, need some help deciding - please

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  • JWM2
    First off i'd recommend against hydroponics if you are new to growing. I know you want yield but there are easier ways of achieving the desired results. Now if you can't be talked out of hydro then i'd recommend doing DWC as there is less of a chance of your plants dying on you and you get many of the benefits of a hydro system.

    IMO early on, yield should not be your goal. Quality should be. Learn to grow the plant and then venture out and make improvements in increments until you get where you want. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for disappointment. The trick is to keep the plant happy and thriving. Don't feed it a bunch of additives & supplements and expect those to make up for poor growing techniques.

    Also never trust the numbers they give you. Even the breeders themselves tend to shave time off their finishing periods to attract as many growers as possible. I've seen Hazes marketed as 10 week strains and I hate to be the bad guy but many of those are 16-20+ weeks. That's just how the business is. Its a race to out lie the next guy. Good luck on whatever direction you choose to go.

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  • GoodSmoke1

    Thanks you so much for responding. I agree with you 100 percent. My mind is sorta made up and I leaning towards the bigger unit. If I'm gonna grow, it needs to be worth while. I also want to be as discreet as possible. My thoughts, growing at the minimum 18 plants with 5 - 6 1/2 feet to play with, should I exceed at least two pounds. The environment being optimal ph, temp and nutrients. Mixed with a little lst and topping. I figured going with 18 plants when they say I can plant up to 36 - would give me the necessary room. Some of the strains I researched stated yield of 500 - 700. Being a newbie, I figured I should at least be able to get 300 a gram. Am I being nieve ? Is that too many plant for a 78" x 78" x 51" hydroponic cabinet? I appreciate your thoughts? As far as the ph goes, what about products like advanced nutrients ph perfect. Worth the while?

    Thanks again, I just want to have the foundation right but prepared for learning curves.


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  • Saturnalia
    Hi Goodsmoke. Welcome.
    You say you want to get at least 2 pounds of top-of-the line weed every 8 - 10 weeks. You also don't want to be bothered with checking pH etc.... That's quite a tall order. I put in lots of effort and can only dream of 2lbs + every couple of months. Growing weed does require a bit of time/effort.
    First off, I think you will need the bigger of the boxes. Companies tend to exaggerate how much you can get out of their boxes. These plants are going to take up a lot of room.
    Secondly, to get a yield every 8-10 weeks it is essential that you have more than one chamber. Your flowering chamber will need to be working constantly whereas with a single chamber set up you will need to veg and flower in the same chamber. Separate clone/veg/flower rooms is ideal, Separate veg/flower rooms is essential to having a continuous harvest system.
    Hope this helps a bit. I know I haven't answered your question directly, but this information is worth bearing in mind when you choose your unit.
    Good luck.

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  • GoodSmoke1
    Hey folks,

    Just wanted to update links:

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  • Considering buying a grow box, need some help deciding - please


    I'm considering buying a grow box and to be honest, it's quite confusing...
    I'm considering three companies, any feedback on what unit you feel is the best would be greatly appreciated.
    I know it would be cheaper to build my own. I'm not looking to do that....

    company number one:
    Hydrophonics group. The cabinet - Godfather 2.0 Led

    large unit, biggest I've seen
    modular design

    no water chiller
    no auto ph...
    I don't want to have to check ph every day

    company number two:

    growbox usa
    The Silverback Model
    internal water chiller
    auto ph system

    smaller grow

    company three

    ​ Trinity Model

    three chambers
    most automated and turn key of the 3

    reviews not so great in regards to odor issues, quality concerns

    Like I stated, I'm not interested in building my own set-up. Maybe that will come later but for now, I just want an efficient system in which I can be more focused on growing, and not having to focuse on if my unit is working correctly.

    Website links:


    Any insight you guys are able to gov me would be appreciated..

    Quick note, I've considered adding a water chiller and auto ph controller to Godfather unit on my own.

    I'm looking for large yields and maintaining a perpetual grow - while growing some top of the line smoke.

    I would love to be able to get at least two pounds or more every 8 - 10 weeks.