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Just an update on my box

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  • Just an update on my box

    Hello everyone. Well I have been tweaking and playing with my grow box. I started with a bag seed of some nice homegrown. I've said this a few times over in other posts if y'all wanna Read and see how I first started. The box is now in my den, finally had the in-laws leave after 2 weeks visiting. I took out the fans I had inside and instead cut a hole in the top and screwed the fan in as a 5in exhaust. This has helped the heat tremendously. I also got my auto fem short stuff 1 seeds in the mail. And as a bonus got a fem auto delicious deep purple. I got that in the box now, a ss#1 planted outside and I'm prepping another for my box grow. Thinking about a grow diary here. Let me know if anyone else would like that.

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    Fans work much more efficiently when pulling rather than pushing. How big is the auto delicious deep purple likely to get? You don't seem to have much room in there..,
    Would love to see your grow diary. It's a great way to share information and get help and advice. I've done a few on here and am planning on starting a new one just as soon as I've finished dealing with some grow room problems I've been having (spider mites!)


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      Yeah the fan is pulling air out. Its right in the middle if all the lights. Its short to medium. I have 3ft vertical grow room. Should not be more then 2.5 ft.