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Grow tents: 3 foot or 6 foot tent?

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  • Grow tents: 3 foot or 6 foot tent?

    Hey guys, this website recommends the cash crop over the sensi dispensary grow tent, but they don't say why. The big difference I notice in the specs is that the cash crop tent is only 3 feet tall and the sensi dispensary is nearly 6 feet tall. I'm a new grower, but I assume you'll want a tent taller than 3 feet, right?

    Here's the links to each tent:

    Sensi Dispensary
    Cash Crop:

    ​Thanks guys.

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    I would say yes, in that you need room above the plants for your lights, carbon filter fans, if your tent is too short you are screwed, if its too tall your not


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      3 Foot tent would be good for clones with cfl as a light


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        The 3ft tent is for propagation purposes really , you will need the 6ft tent if you intend to grow marijuana, looking at the 6ft tent you would do best with 1plant and then scrog her,(place a mesh screen over the top) as your only 2ft x2.50 ft