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  • tent yields?

    Hey everyone. I would like to hear your experiences with grow tents. I am looking at setting up a Buddha Box vertical grow tent. 5x5 or 5x9 and I would like to hear from any who have used this set up. What kind of yields are you getting? I would like to shoot for 6-8 lbs per grow cycle. Is this possible or too optimistic?

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    Two grows in a 2.5 x 4 tent

    First time ( used 1 LEC 315 light, I grossed approx a 1 LB from 3 plants in 10 gallon pots. Second time I used 2 LEC 315 lights and grossed 1.25 lbs from 8 plants in 1 gallon pots.

    That was bud yield, I have several more OZ's that I used to make hash in both cases.


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      That' s pretty cool. I saw the posts of your new grow rooms too. Nice. That's good yield but I wonder how it will produce in the vertical grow configuration? I've read that plants in this system only produce an oz or two ea. That is the number I am basing my calculations on.


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        The vertical systems are more SOG i.e. lots of wee plants. an oz or 2 each would be good. How many can you fit in that system?