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  • Help! Failure is NOT an option!

    I'm so happy for this group. My hubby has brain cancer and because of where we live I am forced not only to grow, but to gow quickly and abundantly! I am approaching 4 weeks tomorrow from planting into the dirt. I have a micro cabinet setup from cabinet grow. I am not sure what's going wrong. Watering too much or not enough? Also you can see where I added Bloom nute a few days ago- brown areas. The company I got the setup from said no nutes for a week. Any tops would make my day!
    The set up only came with two pots but due to the quantity I need I added a third. The leaves are more curled under than this pic shows.

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    Oh and my watering Ph is about 6.2.


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      I would bring that ph up to about 6.5-7.0 for soil. If you were over watering the leaves would be all droopy.


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        Hard to tell from this but looks like nute burn. Always use less than the recommended dosage, at least until you have lots more growing experience. The nute companies have an interest in you using their product as fast as possible and so are generous with their dosage recommendations. Most growers start out at 50% or weaker than the directions.
        Are your plants still in veg stage? What soil are you using? What strain are you growing?
        Over watering and over feeding are the two greatest problems for new growers. Let the soil dry out between waterings and feed with caution.
        To fix this problem you will need to flush your plants with plain water and not feed them for at least a week (how long will depend on your soil type, pot size etc.)


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          I burnt them will need to get flushing right away! One is in flower stage and the other 2 are veg stage. The soil is Fox Farm and the pots are small-1gallon. Thanks for your input, I just hope I don't drown them!

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        Unfortunately you have over feed these little plants, you can try flushing but they will take longer now as they need recovery time if possible you would be better starting again with new clones. If you can you need a ph tester/meter as your water needs to be around ph of 6 to start off your young plants ,and a EC meter , EC needs to be at 10 (nutrient strength ) to start then as plants grow you raise your ec accordenly to what the plants need it takes out all the guess work . Very sorry to here about your husband it must seem time is of the essence here if I can help please don't hesitate to ask , good luck .


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          How we getting on growtolive? Last post was November last year......