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  • Newwbie Trouble with Space

    Hi so I've been trying to construct a stealth bucket grow system, but the only place that i can crow it is under my bead ( its a loft so its 2 ft above the ground. Most of the brow tents I've seen online wouldnt fit. Do u think there is a way to make a safe grow system under 2 ft tall. I have more width wise then height. also i have a grow light underneath but i feel like it may be too close and may cause burn or dryness, I'm also concerned that it may overheat underneath, would one small fan be sufficient to prevent overheating? I plan on using the SCOG method to keep the height of the plant down.
    Also what are some good homemade growbox ideas?

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    For me 2 feet s too low for a grow. Remember you have to account for the light and the pot in that space too.
    Having said that, I'm sure that it could be done. I've done 3 feet with no problems at all. Check out some of the pc grow boxes here. These guys are using a similar space. Could you fit a PC tower in there?
    You will need to think carefully about strain selection and will probably need to do some training.
    Please make sure it is safe and give it a dry run first. The thought of all that heat and electricity under your bed whilst you are asleep concerns me.
    Let us know what you come up with.


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      do think using cfls instead would be safer then actual grow lights? because then i could keep the lights closer the the plants and farther from the walls and such, also i have about 5 feet in width to work with. Whats a PC tower?

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    Check out the link in my comment. A PC tower is just the box in an old, pre laptop computer.
    CFLs would be safer. They throw out much less heat. My first grows were with CFLs and I got some pretty good results. Remember you want to look at the color on them. WIll be marked in K. For veg you want a cool white - around 6500K. For flower you want warm white - 2700K. Youtube some CFL grows and see what people are doing with them.


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      Hi Zach. Was looking at some stuff the other day and found this. Might be of interest to you.