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help please with ecosystem vertical grow

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  • help please with ecosystem vertical grow

    I recently obtained an ecosystem vertical hydroponics grow system and I have assembled it and got it ready to grow. But I haven't ever used such a system. The guy I got it from bought it but never used it. He said I just take my cuttings and put them directly into the rockwool slabs and go almost imediatly to flower. So is that going to work should I use root hormone and do I take the plastic off the slabs or just poke holes in it and put them in like that?

    I am eager to go my ph levels are good my nutes are good everything is running great. I just don't want to chop my only few girls I have right now and pt them in wrong and mess it all up from the start. So I was hoping for some guidance from someone more knowledgeable about this and help me get started even just a few cuttings to start even though I can fit 150 to 200 it says online. Any advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. I may sell the thing it's kinda big for my room and I'm not that good with cloning yet. Haven't done it yet hence I have no idea if I use hormone and go from that to te machine. I can't put plugs in anywhere after rooting so I'm guessing that's truly how. But do I leave that plastics cover over it?

    Thanks in advance for any help I can get
    The white slabs do I take the cotton stuff out or put holes where my cuttings go?

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    Hello. What make is the machine? Surely you can contact the manufacturers for proper instructions....
    My understanding of it is that you make holes in the plastic and place the plants in through the holes. But I have no direct experience of this and so may be wrong.


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      Check out the page here
      One of the pictures down the page looks a lot like yours. Does this help?


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        thing you need first is a source for all the starter plants in the box, which can accommodate 20 to 40 seedlings? Because you only have a few inches to grow into the light, that is why you go almost immediately into flower, a month of veg would have the plants touching each other and filling the inside of the box... I would look for a clone machine that has the robber grommets and holes for 30 or so starters, once they get to about 6 inches, pop them in this thing and give them a week to get established, then flip them to flower.... Or there about? Not sure how much luck you would have sticking starter clones directly into the large rockwool slabs, though I see no real problem with that... even better in that enclosed environment... it is just the fine tuning of actual 'cloning' that might throw you the first few tries? I have problems cloning direct in rockwool and do soil for that step, then go from there into one of several different systems I have available... Couple of things, you will have to replace the slabs with each grow as the roots will tear it up on harvest... You MIGHT get away with cutting them off at the plastic and just replanting a new starter off by an inch or two? Not sure as I have never used those particular slab style units....