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  • Lighting issue

    I have a stealth box, in the flowering chamber I have 2 T5 lights, 1 on each side and 1 Led center Kind LED L300. When using just the T5 lights the plant seems ok growing slowly. When I turn on the LED for any length the plant appears to start wilting. I have moved the LED to the highest position possible. Is this a heat issue I am wondering or is it too soon to use the LED? The plant started in soil and when it was about 8" high I transplanted it to the box following the instructions. I started with just 1 to get the hang of it.

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    AT 8" high it should be ready for some decent light. But if it is wilting you need to listen to the plant. It does sound like a heat issue. Back the LED off a bit. How far is it from the top of the plant? What sort of ventilation do you have in there? What are the max temps at the top if the plant?