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Hi all. Newbie here...

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  • Hi all. Newbie here...

    My first time on this site and my first venture into growing my own. Wow...

    I've been trying to learn as much on my own as possible but the amount of info is overwhelming. I was hoping maybe someone could help me out.
    I live in a mobile home and my space is very limited. I'm just growing for myself, so I don't need a huge yield...maybe 3-6+ good quality plants, depending on the type.
    From what I've learned so far, it seems a stealth grow box or tent might be the way to go. I'm looking for convenience mainly...I don't want to spend a lot of time and energy getting things set up, and I don't want to have to buy a lot of required items that I didn't know I needed. An all-in-one complete kit would be ideal.

    So, my questions would be...
    1. what type of seeds are best (vague, I know). I'm looking for fast growth, little smell (not an issue w/ stealth?), low maintenance, and of course, high buzz factor.
    2. what types of stealth grow boxes/tents should I explore? Besides my girlfriend, I don't get many visitors to my bedroom closet, where this would be located. So absolute stealth is not necessary. A good low-end unit might be best for a start.
    3. of course, any links to where I can check these out would be greatly appreciated. This looks like the best place for me to be, perhaps all I need is available here?

    That's it for now. I'm sure I'll have a lot more questions but this will get me started.

    Thanks for any and all assistance - much appreciated!

    Beeg (Bob G.)

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    Hi Bob. Welcome to the forum.
    Good luck with your grow. This is a good place to get advice as your grow progresses and you get new questions.

    1. This is a bit vague. What type of high do you enjoy most? A lazy sleepy physical one (look for indica dominant strains), or something a bit more energetic and up in the head (sativa dominant)? For speed and low maintenance many new growers like to cut their teeth on autoflowerers. No need to sex or train or change the lighting, just watch them do their thing. They tend to be small also, which helps with space. If you want to start with a regular photoperiod plant then try browsing through the seed reviews on this site. They all have the expected flowering period on them as well as the type of hit you get and some indication of how they grow. In general, indicas will be quicker and have fewer requirements than sativas, but that is quite a generalization. If the idea of odour worries you then you should think about getting a carbon filter. You can never be sure of how much a plant is going to smell from what you read. Check it out here.
    2. A small tent would probably be easiest and cheapest for your needs. You can look at the complete kits available, but really with a little reading you can buy just a tent and kit it out yourself for less money. The internet is a great place for buying kit if you don't have a local hydro store. There is quite a lot fo second hand kit regularly available on ebay. You need to think about lights, fans and temperatures.
    3. This site is an excellent starting point. You can ask questions on the forum, read reviews of the different strains, and get info about some of the tents and boxes available. When it comes to the actual grow, youtube is also an invaluable source for learning about different aspects of growing.
    Have you decided whether you are going to use soil, coco or hydro?
    All the best with it.