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Can't decide on grow tent size.

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  • Can't decide on grow tent size.

    Hey everyone,

    I'll be attempting a grow here someday soon I hope and I've read everything on this site and a few others so I hope my questions aren't too noobish.

    I'm currently planning out my grow tent setup and I'd like to hear from others with experience with the 2' x 4' x 5'h tents. My plan is to start simple with some CFL's until I can save up more cash for a ~240w LED which will cover about a 2'x3' growing area doing a SCROG setup of 2 to maybe 3 plants. That sound doable on those dimensions?

    I think 2x4 will give me enough real estate to fit everything and still have some room on either side of the screen for fans/whatever. My question for you guys/gals with 2x4 tents is 2' wide enough for your crops? I'm concerned that it may be too narrow and the plants will be all scrunched up.

    The 2x4 would fit two of those HTG 7 Band 240w LED bad boys pretty nicely and still leave room for an internal carbon filter (I hope).

    Thanks everyone!

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    Hi Soviet, don't think we've spoken before so welcome.
    Yes you could do it, but for me, a little bigger would be better.
    The best thing about SCROGS (and other training techniques) is that it is you that is in charge of how big the plant gets. If you make your screen to size then you can make the plant(s) fit the screen. You can fill a 2 X 4 screen with just one plant so if you want, it's up to you.
    Also, if you let the plants grow with no training they will run into the sides but it will just divert them upwards with no bad effects.
    So yeah, it is big enough, but if you can get a bit of a bigger one you will be happier because you will have more options and be able to expand in the future.


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      Hey Schmokin,

      Sorry for the long delay. I was unable to access this site for a few days, however it seemed to work fine through a proxy. ISP shenanigans maybe?

      Yeah 2x4 will fit my area the best so that's what I'm going with. Not like I can't just buy another tent down the road if my available space changes. However now I'm picking out my carbon filter and fan setup. HTG Supply has 4" and 6" fans, so according to my scientific calculations, 2x4x5 = 40 / 5 = 8 CFM I need to move. This just doesn't seem right.

      The 4" carbon filter/fan combo moves 170 cfm so even that is buku overkill. Or am I messing something up?


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        Hi Soviet. Not sure where the divide by 5 comes into it..?
        If your tent is 2x4x5 it makes 40. No need to divide this. 40 Cubic feet... At 170 cubic feet per minute the fan is a bit over spec. It will make around 4 complete air changes per minute. But that is the rating that most carbon filter fans start at. It is a little overkill but won't hurt and your plants will get more than enough fresh air with plenty of lovely CO2. I think most people who use tents use fans with a similar cfm and they do just fine.
        Or have I somehow misread your post? Still not sure what the /5 means...?


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          Hey Schmokin,

          This is right off of HTG Supply website:

          Compute your requirements by multiplying the width times the length times the height of your growing area to obtain the total cubic feet. Divide this number by 5 to determine the proper filter size needed. For example, if your growing area is 5 feet long by 5 feet wide by 8 feet tall, it contains a total of 200 cubic feet. To treat this area in five minutes, you would need to use a fan with a CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating of approximately 40. The GrowBright fan that comes with this system is rated at 170 cfm so this combo is good for any small to medium sized grow room! It's always better to have a little more filtering than a little less for the most effective results.


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            Ah, I see. They've just made the calculation a bit more complicated than it need be. They're saying that a fan with a CFM of 40 would give that space a complete air change every 5 minutes and suggesting that a complete air change every five minutes is the optimum amount. According to that then your calculations are right. An 8cfm fan would change the air in your tent completely every 5 mins. However, I have never seen a fan that small or slow.
            Most extraction fans, especially with built in carbon filter, start at about 170cfm. Yes it is massively over spec but that is how they come and it will not have a bad effect on your plants. There are lots of grows in small spaces that use fans of this size.


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              Hello Soviet
              This post just popped up.
              Check out my grow diary here.
              This space is about 2 X 4 X 4 (32). I use a carbon filter fan kit that was rated at either 165cfm or 175cfm. As discussed above this is massively over specified, by the calculations given I only need on of just over 6cfm.
              I have no problems at all with the fan. As far as I am concerned the more fresh air the better.


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                Has anyone tried using a greenhouse to grow outside? Pros/cons? A friend suggested it but I want to know more about it.


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                  I'd love to have a greenhouse to grow weed, and i think the main thing as with any sort of outdoor grow is pests. As for pro's is you can't beat mother natures sunlight for your weed thats if where you live has good growing seasons with lots of sun. And for con's is what about nosey neighbors or family and the usual things like humidity control and temperature.


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                    I agree. Outdoor grow does expose you to pests and such but nothing does beat the power of natural sunlight. I was pretty happy with a Virtual Sun Grow Tent ( It was easy to setup and contain, but I did have an issue with mites. Probably caused by warm temperature. I want to try out an outdoor so will probably go with the greenhouse route, primarily for privacy but hopefully will keep the pests out.
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